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We Make Moving Easy, For You...

  • Pre-move

  • Packing

  • pack non-essentials early

  • pack essentials the day before or early the day of move

  • pack fridge items last to prevent spoiling

  • Booking

  • book storage and moving truck in advance to ensure availability

  • book moving company earlier and update any changes as early as possible

  • Move Day

  • Make sure the crew has all relevant information

  • locations

  • gate codes

  • parking instructions

  • Walkthrough

  • point out all items that need to be moved and any special instructions

  • do a second walkthrough when load is done to ensure all items are loaded

  • Assist Unload

  • direct where furniture will be placed in the new home

  • Post Move

  • Walkthrough

  • do a final walkthrough after truck has been unloaded to ensure everything is how you want it

  • Closeout

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Self Packing? You'll Need...

  1. Boxes & Tape..

  2. Markers & Box Cutters..

  3. Packing Paper & Bubble Wrap..

  4. Dish Saver (Kitchen)..

  5. Glass Saver (Kitchen)..

  6. Tv Boxes..

Prepping Yourself? You'll need...

  1. Tools For Disassembling Furniture..

  2. Bags & Markers To Keep Loose Screws Organized..

  3. Pads To Pad Furniture To Protect It..

  4. Plastic Wrap Or Tape To Secure Pads To Furniture..

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1. Have A Plan.. Veteran Movers Know To Start Planning Their Move Weeks

Sometimes Even Months Before Their Big Move Day..

2. Time Is Money Pack Early.. Every Minute Counts, Use Time Before The Move To Protect Your Items Pack Early!

3. Go Big With The Supplies.. Moving Is Already Stressful Save Time Buy Buying Extra Supplies With Stores That Let You Return Unused Supplies!

4. Disassemble What You Can.. Your Movers Will Need Prep Time You Disassemble Your Larger Items To Properly Protect Them. If You Have Extra Time & Will This Is A BIG Money Saver!!

5. Consolidate.. Place As Much Of Your Non-Fragile Furniture As Possible In One Area. This Makes The Movers Ability To Quickly Load A lot Faster!!

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