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"Pre/Post Move & Move Day Expectations"

  • Pre-move

  • Packing

  • pack non-essentials early

  • pack essentials the day before or early the day of move

  • pack fridge items last to prevent spoiling

  • Booking

  • book storage and moving truck in advance to ensure availability

  • book moving company earlier and update any changes as early as possible

  • Move Day

  • Make sure the crew has all relevant information

  • locations

  • gate codes

  • parking instructions

  • Walkthrough

  • point out all items that need to be moved and any special instructions

  • do a second walkthrough when load is done to ensure all items are loaded

  • Assist Unload

  • direct where furniture will be placed in the new home

  • Post Move

  • Walkthrough

  • do a final walkthrough after truck has been unloaded to ensure everything is how you want it

  • Closeout

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